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Attract Targeted Traffic

Attract Targeted Traffic

Businesses online need to do more than just have a website. the traffic will not appear out of thin air just because you have a web site. It takes a lot of planning and thorough execution for businesses to succeed in building a reputation online that attracts traffic and it takes even more of eforts and time to bring in targeted traffic that will be interested in your products and services.

One needs to understand the difference between targeted trafficand just any traffic.

Targeted Traffic means web site visitors who actually are interested in what you have to offer. A casual web site visitor that lands up on your website from a traffic exchange programme is hardly going to do any good for your business.

Targeted traffic, specifically from search engines, can prove far more profitable to you - your visitors will be far more likely to purchase from you, as most of them have already made up their minds that they are interested in a specific product or service and are now trying to identify, from whom.

But how to attract targeted traffic?

Consider this hypothetical case study:

According to the latest statistics made public by Overture, leading search advertising network, October 2005 statistics show that the surfers made over 1,00,000 searches in major search engines of Overture partner group (Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc.) for the following relevant search phrases from a company, XYZís perspective that deals in VoIP based internet calling cards
  • internet telephony
  • internet telephony voip
  • free internet just skype skype telephony that works
  • internet computer telephony free phone voip
  • internet telephony service provider
  • free internet telephony
  • internet telephony conference
  • internet telephony vs voip
  • internet computer telephony
  • internet telephony service
  • internet telephony magazine
  • internet ip phone system telephony
  • skype free internet telephony
  • internet telephony solution
  • small business internet ip telephony
  • internet telephony book
  • internet telephony conference expo
  • internet telephony provider
  • internet telephony expo
  • voice over internet telephony
  • internet telephony software
  • free internet telephony service
  • internet telephony ip voip
  • birmingham internet telephony
  • internet services telephony
  • h. internet telephony
  • internet protocol telephony
  • canada internet telephony voip
  • internet telephony device
  • skype internet telephony
  • internet telephony india
  • internet telephony gateway

  • The Question: Did any of these surfers end up on XYZ web site for relevant information? Or, were these surfers exposed to the fact that XYZ is one of the leading organisations in the VoIP arena and has several products/services and years of experience in the domain?

    The Answer: No. Most probably, none of these people ever realized that XYZ is one of the strong contenders in this arena. Even if we take 90% of these search queries as those coming from people just interested in studying about VoIP as a subject, 10% (10,000 in numbers) were still business prospects, opportunities which XYZ lost without even coming to know about them!

    The Reason: Almost NIL online brand equity as XYZ web site doesnít feature in any of the major search engines for relevant search phrases even in the TOP 100 results! The website content is not at all optimized for higher search rankings. Research shows that majority of the online searchers, over a whopping 90%, just go through the first page of search results. None of these searchers bothers to even go to the second page of the search results, let alone page 3,4,5,6, and so on... As you would notice, if your website isn't amongst the Top 10 results, you are missing out on a whole new world of opportunities!

    The Solution: Well planned Search Engine Optimisation and Promotional campaign spread over a year to identify relevant keywords, develop strategy and improve upon search engine rankings so as to maximize exposure to all potential business and attract targeted traffic to your website!

    The Rationale: Strengthening the brand online is extremely cost-effective when compared to offline promotional measures. The ROI is assured in the form of qualified business leads over a period of time. The brand also gets worldwide exposure when featured amongst the top 10 search results for relevant queries.

    Creativatorz can help you with your search engine optimisation campaign and attracting targeted traffic for your website. Please take some time to review some of our Search Engine Optimisation Case Studies. you will be amazed at the results!

    We are proud of the results we have been able to deliver to our clients. Just remember... If You Want Rankings, If You Want Targeted Traffic, If You Want Ideas, Creativatorz has the Solutions.

    If you'd like to empower your website to attract targeted traffic from search engines, write to us today!

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