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Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Just building a web site doesn't ensure your audience will come and visit. Statistics indicate that 85% of all web sites are discovered through search engines . But there's much more to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) than submitting your site to the top search engines and directories.

Two main elements of professional search engine marketing are critical to the position or placement your site occupies in search listings:

  • Search Engine Optimization of your web site content for search      engine access
  • Search engine submission
  • When your online presence launched, your web design firm probably submitted it to the most popular search engines. Unfortunately, search engine submission is not like listing your business with the Post Office or phone company. New search engines and directories continue to emerge and search engine algorithms change frequently.

    What a search engine knows about your site (and what they base ranking on) depends on:

  • Does it know your website exists? (the submission)
  • What is the content on your web site? (descriptions and      spidering)
  • What are your META tags? (keywords are not that important,
          but other META's are)
  • The rules have changed on how search engines operate, and the field is no longer level. Search engines use unique algorithms to determine where to position your site in search listings. Some search engines and directories allow companies to pay to be in the top positions. Search Engine Marketing is your tactical response to these changes:

    Web site submission is no longer a one time event. Many search engines will place your site near the top of a search listing if your submission is frequent and rich with keywords and phrases that set your site apart from your competitors. Some Search Engines penalize for over submission.

    Creativatorz submits your site to search engines and directories under our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) packages.

    Search engines and directories use META tags and content (page text) to determine your site's listing position relative to your competitors. Optimizing your META tags and more importantly - your content with keywords and phrases that describe your products, services, industry, and company is a key element of our Search Engine Marketing package.

    Optimizing your META tags and content to be rich with keywords and phrases that describe your products, services, industry, and company are key elements of our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) products. Several of the most popular search engines, including Google, Hotbot and AltaVista, now consider the number and quality of active inbound links to your site as a measure of your site's importance or relevance. The higher the number and quality of active inbound links to a site, the higher the site will rank.

    With our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) packages, Creativatorz will build inbound links to your site from the sites of firms with which you are affiliated, partnered or associated.

    Search engines have become commercial enterprises. Many search engines and directories, including Yahoo and MSN, now charge for accepting and processing site submissions. Creativatorz can properly determine where your Search Engine Marketing budget is best spent.

    Overture/GoTo, Yahoo, LookSmart, and others, also charge for the position your site will occupy in the listings associated with specific keywords. Site promotion services come in several forms: pay for position, pay for listing, and pay per click.

    Creativatorz will work with you to define a custom website marketing program that suits your budget and objectives.

    Creativatorz believes a balanced website marketing program begins with a quality search engine marketing solution.

    A Word About Guarantees

    Creativatorz has established a proven track record of delivering high quality, high value web site marketing solutions that increase and deliver targeted traffic to client web sites. Many self proclaimed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEM "experts" say they guarantee search engine listing positions. We caution our customers to be wary of such claims. Listing position guarantees can only be made in the context of pay for position services, and even then they're not permanent.

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