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Web Hosting India Delhi

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Hosting - What is it? - Do I need it?

The answer is YES - We all need a hosting service ! ! ! Otherwise no one would be able to view our site! ...

Hosting - What is it? - Do I need it?

The answer is YES - We all need a hosting service ! ! ! Otherwise no one would be able to view our site! ...


When someone types in your site ex. www.yoursite.com <<< They need to access your sites information. A hosting services gives your visitors that information.

Can't I do that myself?

Not unless you have access to your own memory servers and have some qualified programmers to keep-up your servers running at peek performance!

Not too mention the intense expenses it may occur you!

Why is it so important to find a hosting service that's reliable???

A hosting service should always perform at peak performance. If your hosting provider is not up to par you may have problems with: Downtime on your site, non recieved e-mails, unable to log into your account, and most importantly, not available for support issues.

To give you an example of of a real situation:

Without mentioning any names, I had a client of mine that went with another hosting service (again won't mention who) but with this hosting service, my clients visitors were met a with "PAGE NOT FOUND" 50% of the time!

Now I don't know about you, but that would tick me right off. To make things worste, 50% of the time, their clients couldn't e-mail this company because their e-mail accounts had ERROR's . There's another reason to switch!

So what's the point???

Our site and the sites of our clients have rarely had ANY problems! Our pages are always found (given that there's something to find) and we've never had problems with e-mails that couldn't be received.

So if your in the market for a hosting service, make sure your hosting service has customer service available 24/7 and can fix any problems you can throw at them!

Hosting your website  in a secure and fast server is critical for online business. Checkout how our low cost website hosting solutions and affordable domain name registration services can help you! When it comes to selecting a perfect hosting provider, various factors needs to be considered. Is the provider a reliable one? Are they using the latest technology servers? Will the service backup be efficient enough? Are they affordable? 

If we were to answer the above questions, it would be a big YES. 

We have tied up with leading hosting providers that facilitates us to provide our clients with hosting solutions that are faultless, fast and feasible! Our servers are located in the USA with efficient backup facilities.

Creativatorz is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality hosting services possible. Below is the selection of the high-quality services we have to offer. Depending upon the hosting package you select for your website, you can have:

Contact us if you would like to host your website with us.

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