Welcome to The Creativatorz Innovative Web Design

Welcome To The Creativatorz

Bulk Email Campaign

Creativatorz's bulk email service (STRICTLY NO SPAM) is beneficial for companies or individuals who lack

  • the time,
  • resources like bandwidth, hardware, or software
  • the technical know how to send large volume bulk emails to their opt-in mailing list(s).

    We help automate the handling of your legitimate bulk emailing needs through custom solutions like a Newsletter Management Software, which helps in handling large bulk e-mail list count.

    Whether it 100,000 emails to 20,000,000 bulk email list count, Creativatorz's bulk email marketing service has the capabilities to send out all your bulk emails with full real time tracking and reporting on the bulk email marketing campaign.

    Our bulk email service lets you focus on your business and empowers you not to worry about the technical issues of sending out your mass emails.

    If you'd like to undertake a bulk emailing campaign that's truly worth the money you spend, write to us today!

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