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Topical Directory Placement

Topical Directories that deal with your particular subject.

Topical directories placement is a part of search engine marketing.

Characteristics of Directories

Directories are topical lists of Internet resources arranged in a hierarchical way. Although they are meant to be browsed by subject, directories can also be searched by keyword. They differ from search engines in one major way—the human element involved in collecting and maintaining the information. Directories are created and maintained by people, whereas search engines rely on spiders or robots to scour the Internet for links.

Advantages Of Using Directories

The major advantages of using directories are as follows:
Directories contain fewer resources than search engine databases.
Many directories rate, annotate, or categorize chosen resources.
Directories increase the probability of retrieving relevant results.

Because directories rely on people to select, maintain, and update their resource lists, they contain fewer resources than search engine databases. This can be a plus, especially when you are looking for information on a general topic. It's a lot easier and less time-consuming to go through a list of 50 or so Web pages than to sort through the thousands of pages that a search engine may present. In addition, many directories rate, annotate, analyze, evaluate, and categorize the resources included, which helps you find resources of the highest quality.

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